An ultra-low profile rooftop HVAC System featuring ComforTEK for shuttle and school bus applications. A dramatic shift from designs of the past, bringing innovative design concepts that improve airflow with Thermo King’s ComforTEK to increase comfort and efficiency. Choose SLR for all small and medium bus applications from 16’ to 35’.

Improved Passenger Comfort
With its ultra-slim integrated design, the SLR gives passengers more headroom than conventional systems. Plus, its two-way airflow means comfortable air for all passengers, with no hot or cold spots.

More Even Weight Distribution
Because the SLR is located at the center of the bus, its weight is evenly distributed across the bus chassis for optimized weight distribution.

Easy Maintenance
The patent-pending through-roof design of the SLR allows for easy service access, with 90% of all maintenance able to be performed from inside the bus.

Lightweight, Durable and Rustproof
The SLR features a rustproof structural foam ABS cover, which weights less than fiberglass and is more durable.