Thermo King is the world leader in transport temperature control systems for trucks, trailers, buses, rail cars and shipboard containers. Thermo King also manufactures auxiliary power units, which dramatically reduce engine idling. All Thermo King products are backed by a nationwide dealer network, which provides expert factory-trained service and a complete line of genuine and competitive parts.


It all started on a hot summer day in 1938 and a customer’s need to keep a load of fresh chickens cold while transporting them to market. Joe Numero accepted the challenge, and with the engineering genius of Frederick M. Jones, the two launched Thermo King and began the age of modern transport refrigeration.

Ever since that day, Thermo King has been developing customer-focused innovations that deliver efficiency, reliability and safety across the planet. That commitment to innovation continues, helping to grow businesses and improve lives now and into the future.


Long-term value for your business

When your transportation equipment meets the demands of service with reliability and efficiency, it contributes to your profitability. With 75 years in the industry, Thermo King equipment has repeatedly proven its dependability, and our products retain their value longer than any others in the industry.

Built-in savings

Better design means a lower cost of ownership. Tough construction, proven reliability and efficiency help you save money on service and maintenance costs. Our sustainable designs pay off with reduced energy consumption, including built-in technology to modulate the engine and maintain temperature. Quality testing in our labs improves product performance, which means fewer breakdowns. With our longer maintenance cycles, you'll save time and money.

Expert service and support

When you need support, you'll get assistance from providers who are trained and certified to specifically service our products. And with the largest service network in North America providing assistance 24 hours a day, you have the support you need anytime, anywhere.

Through Thermo Gard™ Service and Maintenance Solutions, you can choose the service program that best fits your business needs. Take advantage of repair authorization options, centralized billing, extended warranty options, and service at any of our over 200 factory-authorized service centers nationwide.


Proven results for quality and reliability

You depend on quality products to maximize profits and provide you with peace of mind. At our state-of-the-art research and development facilities, located around the globe, our end goal is to make sure our products do exactly that.

Real-world technology and success

As the proving and testing grounds for every product we create, our R&D facilities are equipped with the latest and most advanced technologies and processes. Working closely with our engineering groups, we examine how technology affects critical product characteristics.

In the real world, our systems and components must endure some of the harshest and most unpredictable environments. Comprehensive testing ensures they make the grade and meet our strict quality and reliability requirements. The result is improved performance throughout the life of our products, and that means higher customer satisfaction.


When Joe Numero started Thermo King Corporation in 1938, he emphasized the importance of having a high-quality product supported by high-quality service. He believed that providing technicians with the best education is the way to provide superior support to Thermo King customers.

Today, this belief still holds true, and the Thermo King Education Center is the industry-leading provider of technician training and education.

The Thermo King Education Center courses are designed to enhance technicians’:

- Technical knowledge of the units and the industry
- Critical thinking skills for diagnostic and service procedures
- Skill and expertise in service, maintenance and repair

With a variety of class venues, teaching styles, product lines, and course-levels, there is a Thermo King Education Center course for everyone.

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the Thermo King Education Center houses the latest Thermo King units and technologies in spacious labs and classrooms. The Minneapolis location also acts as the hub for the expert staff of the Education Center. These trained professionals have a wealth of experience in a range of fields, teaching their courses with knowledge that comes from years of field experience.