Significantly reduce energy consumption and fuel costs while idling with the leading clean, reliable electric powered APU.

  • Immediate Fuel Savings

    An electric, battery-powered APU system, the TriPace starts saving you money from day one and delivers serious savings month to month no matter how fuel costs fluctuate.

  • Improved Battery Performance

    Designed specifically for the TriPace, the NXT Battery harnesses dry cell technology to guarantee increased unit runtime, greater efficiency and a lower life cycle cost.

  • Easy Diagnostics Reduce Downtime

    Less time in maintenance means more time on the road. The TK Monitor gives technicians quick access to system information and allows for hassle-free diagnostics and software upgrades.

  • Effortless Emissions Regulations/CARB Compliance

    Easily navigate the confusing variety of regulations on engine idling with the unit that eliminates emissions and meets all anti-idle requirements nationwide.